Will Apple’s Next iPhone Beat Samsung Galaxy S4?

iPhone 6

There have been many smartphones that have come close to toppling the iPhone’s reign, but none has come closer than the Samsung Galaxy lineup. While the Galaxy S4 is gaining rave reviews, many people are wondering what the iPhone 6 will do to win back its loyal audience.

It will be months before Apple reveals the iPhone or 5S or iPhone 6, but there are already many reasons why it will beat the Galaxy S4.

Better Market Share

Android and iOS phones are almost evenly split when it comes to smartphones. The major difference is that there are hundreds of Android phones and only a handful of iPhones. Not only that, but iPhone users are more likely to buy new iOS devices, but Android users are more likely to keep their current phones until they really need to upgrade.

This means that the iPhone 6 will be much more popular than the Galaxy S4 if you consider the overall numbers.

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More Time

Technology today will look obsolete in a few months. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is considered revolutionary today, but it won’t seem nearly as special when the iPhone 6 launches. Apple will be able to dissect the Galaxy S4, see what makes it great and then upgrade their device so that it’s even better.

It has been a constant battle of push and pull between these devices. Many people preferred the Galaxy S3 over the iPhone 4S, but then the iPhone 5 gained a lot of popularity because it was stronger than the S3. The battle will go back in Apple’s favor after the iPhone 6 is released for this very reason.

Evolutionary Changes

Many people that criticized the iPhone 5 said that it had too many evolutionary changes, or minor hardware upgrades to make the device commercially viable for the modern technological environment. For example, every iPhone model had some unique and revolutionary change.

The iPhone 5’s biggest change, aside from stronger hardware, was a larger screen. This was revolutionary for the iPhone model, but fairly standard when compared to other smartphones. This is a problem that the Galaxy S4 is facing. The biggest difference between the Galaxy S3 and S4 is hardware upgrades.

There are hardly any revolutionary changes. Apple has learned its lesson and plans to make many changes to the iPhone 6, such as curved batteries and a major OS overhaul.

Phablet Hate

Some devices, like the Galaxy lineup, are constantly coming out with larger displays. The Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch display, which is encroaching on phablet territory. Many analysts have said that this was a terrible move since most people either love or hate these large devices. While the iPhone 6 will probably have a larger screen according to rumors, Apple has said that it’s using a new design that will better accommodate the larger display.


No one is denying that the Galaxy S4 is an amazing device, but the iPhone 6 will become the leader of the pack once it’s released. Not only does Apple have plenty of time to analyze the Galaxy S4, but many large changes are scheduled for the new iPhone that customers are sure to love.