WhatsApp to Start Subscription Model to iOS this Year

WhatsApp subscription model

WhatsApp is probably the most popular cross-platform messaging service and you cannot deny that.

Well, you know that WhatsApp costs $0.99 or Rs 55 one time payment on iOS platform and free on Android and Windows Phone but have to pay $1 every year.

But now, according to CEO of this popular messaging platform, Jan Koum, it will be getting Subscription model to iOS version this year.

In this new model, which it already implements on other platforms like Android and Windows Phone, the app will be free, with users having to pay an annual fee

When a Dutch journalist Alexander Klopping interviewed Jan, he says:

“The new subscription model would apply to new users, and would follow the same pricing structure as its other apps, which are free for the first year and then cost $1/year, compared to the single, for-life $0.99 purchase that users make on iOS today. “We’re relaxed on dates, but definitely this year. It’s on the road map,”

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular cross platform messaging services around the globe, having reported 17 billion messages sent and received everyday—some 7 billion inbound and 10 billion out. And it is said to have over 100 million users on Android alone.

What do you feel about this move by WhatsApp? I think $1 / year is still affordable then our regular message plans.

I think this move will also give a boost to iMessage usage.