What Should Android KitKat Need to have to Beat iOS 7 with Big Lead?

Many iOS users are already getting jumpy to hear out the announcement for iOS 7. Why wouldn’t they? People call it the iOS revolution, as for the past six years Apple has been giving us almost the same type of OS to work with and after ages of boredom and monotony, Apple has managed to put a smile of excitement on their users’ faces with enlightening us with some of their new iOS’s features.

When I personally went through the iOS 7 specs; the first thing I noticed was the cartoonish look of the icons. Although some people would address it as childish and unattractive, many die hard iOS fans have found this a positive change in the course of Apple.

They see it as something new and impressive, SPONTANEOUS! That’s the word we’re looking for. Another major change in the appearance of iOS 7 is the control centre; a slightly android resembling (some people would say more than slightly) control centre with a transparent background and options and settings arranged in a system that we can understand. Everything; from the flashlight, to air drop is controlled from here so users don’t have to swipe to death.

Speaking of swipe; the control centre is summoned by swiping up from the bottom. It is as if apple stole android’s idea of swiping in the controls, and spun It up so no one would know. But it was too noticeable to ignore. Anyway, we know that the iOS 7 is a big shot.

But what is it compared head to head with its arch nemesis, Android 5.0?

Apple fans have roared to the jungle, but what it doesn’t know is that there might be another king of the jungle. Let’s examine the facts and roughly sketch out what android 5 will need to overpower it. KitKat is the name given to the future Android 5.0.

Now, most people would say that apple has made its changes by giving the OS an android touch, which in some areas is true. But, If Apple has won some fans over by slightly android-izing itself; what will android do to win the race by a long run? Well, judging by some leaks it’s been said that the most probable change will be the ‘switch widget’ feature, the notification area, and the transparent taskbar.

Android 5.0


The transparent taskbar will surely get the fans hooting their brains out for android as this will give it all an elegant retro look. The notification area will be visible to user even from the lock screen, that means no swiping and seeing; you will be updated with all the information you want just by waking your phone/tab up.

The feature we’re all most interested about is the switch widget feature. You can switch the widget on the screen and operate others i.e Music, pictures etc. this is a vibrant feature which can prove dominant over the iOS 7 in the coming days.

So, judging by the above, I think we can all agree that android does not need any additional features to prove that it’s better than iOS 7 with a big lead. It’s all about simplicity, and user friendliness; and android has both these qualities.

Nonetheless, iOS is also on the same path, but it still needs time to reach a compatible level for users.


  1. Seems Android has already beaten Google as some of the features in newly launched iOS 7 seems inherited from the Android like the notification centre. However the oen mentioned by you if included in KEy Lime Pie version of Andorid will make it even more tough to compete with Android…
    A major revamp is necessary for Android..