Turn Any Android Device Into A Chromecast Dongle For Free

The search engine giant’s Chromecast device debuted only a few days ago, but with its really cheap price, many people have jumped on to use this hack-able device. For just $35, the receiver lets you stream content from any device to your HDTV, but in this early stage of Chromecast, limitations let you play only a handful of video and audio services are currently compatible.

Therefore, some guys have opted not to buy the Chromecast, and if you are one of those individuals staying away for the time being, you might be tempted by CheapCast, an app that can turn your Android device into a makeshift Chromecast receiver.

Credit: RedmondPie

Of course, considering that the dongle costs less than almost any other set-top box-like device available out there, probably the app should be called VeryCheapCast :P.

But then again, nothing vaguely competes with free things, and if you have an Android device sitting around and doing not very much help to you in your daily life, this app CheapCast can give you a reason not to throw away that Android phone of yours.

CheapCast is developed by XDA-Developers member Maui, and alters any Android device into a Chromecast receiver. Since the original dongle doesn’t actually do a great deal – as reviews and critics have pointed out – the app is thus rather simple. You can download the app from Google play store (link at the end).

Once download, fire it up, set a name for your mock receiver, and right from there, you’re essentially ready to use it.

Although it may be called CheapCast, but it doesn’t work like the poor man’s version  of Chromecast dongle as the name suggests. In fact, it works just like the real Chromecast does.

CheapCast is still running in beta version, and with no current support for Google Cast tab streaming in Chrome, let’s cross our fingers, when it does crawl out of beta, that this functionality will be available.

You can download CheapCast right now from the Google Play Store, and if you encounter any difficulties, be sure to check out the original forum thread over on XDA.

Download: CheapCast for Android on the Play Store