Top 10 Must Have Windows 8 Software

Windows 8, yet another Operating System by Microsoft, has not really convinced Windows lovers to upgrade. Windows 7 is still considered to be the best Computer OS till date. Windows 8 Software are something every designer would love.

Although, I have seen that many people have already upgraded to Windows 8 and are trying to install new software but you will be amazed to see that Windows 8 has variety apps, software and utility available of its own.

Lets take a look at a 10 Windows software that you should install to make your Windows 8 experience better than ever.

1.   Metro Commander:

windows 8 apps

Metro Commander is a standard but superb File manager. It allows you to view the interface of files and folders in Windows UI Style. The user navigation is really smooth, easy, handy and since the software enables user to connect to Microsoft’s cloud service Sky Drive account, you can easily work on the files and folders within the system with Windows Metro UI. You can rename, create and delete in Windows UI style.

2.   Multimedia 8:

multimedia app windows 8


Multimedia 8 has to be one of the best Windows 8 software for all the music lovers. This ware allows you to browse through various music files with super duper ease.

It also helps you in accessing music files on internet. Other than this, Multimedia 8 has 3D video support, Multilingual media support, audio/video recording, easy conversion of videos, easy management of playlists, wireless streaming, and a lot more. (This software might convince me on upgrading in future)

3.   Norton Satellite:

best antivirus for windows 8

Are you tired and irritated of malicious  links? I am sure you are. Well, Windows 8 has the perfect answer for you. When you install Norton Satellite software, your social life gets a lot simpler.  Norton Satellite scans your Facebook feed, drop box and off course your Computer hard drive to prevent any malicious links.


4.   TuneIn Radio:

best windows 8 app

If you are a Radio addict OR if you like to stay updated to the world, this application is a must for you. It’s a groundbreaking way to stay in touch with the news across the world. It has more than 60,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs. It has many stations from India too.

5.   New File Manager V2:

windows 8 file manager app

I strongly recommend New File Manager V2 for your Windows 8 because it is an impulsive file manager, which converts your Dropbox, Sky Drive, Facebook etc into a single user friendly interface. Thanks to this utility application, your media content usage and bulk file operations will get a lot simple and easier.

6.   Microsoft Device Centre:

device center windows 8

Windows 8 will most probably help you in enjoying all the features related to hardware, i.e keyboard and mouse. You will find a lot of relevant, new and unique features related to these two most significant things of an Operating System and you will find this software in both 32-bit and 64-bit version.

7.   Skype Voice Changer:

Skype voice changer

Windows 8 is going to be so much fun and interesting for all the web users as it enables the you to change your voice tone while you are talking on Skype  You will see a nice list of various tones and voices to choose from and this app will make your Skype calls more fun and enjoyable. This one is a must have for all the Skype addicts because Windows 8 has just made things better for you. (Another reason why I would upgrade to Windows 8 because I love pranks and fun)

8.   Wikipedia:

wikipedia windows 8

Wikipedia has released a Windows 8 compatible software version and it is no surprise that it has a good bunch of positive reviews in its side. With this app you will find loads of images, relevant articles, information etc. You can also see the articles that are recently included or edited. If you love reading, you will be pleased to know that this app also provides user an invisible reading mode.

9. Facebook Messenger

windows 8 Facebook messenger

Well, I will be counted under fools if I explain that Facebook is the most famous social networking site and there are no doubts on this thing. Windows 8 provides all Facebook lovers a Facebook messenger like it offers for smartphones and it will allow you to  chat with all your Facebook mates even if you have not logged into your account. Isn’t that fun and an ethical way of using chat? This way you can always keep in contact with your acquaintances and friends.

10. Free Books:

free eBooks on windows 8

This app is very useful and a must have for people who like to read and fond around with books and if you are one, make sure to get this installed. It will give you open door to more than 23,100 FREE books. And searching for your favorite book won’t be an problem as the list is well organized. There is also a separate section for ‘Featured Books’ for your random book selection to read.

Your Call

So these were the Top 10 and Best short listed software list according to me which will enhance and improve your Windows 8 usage and for people who are not on Windows 8, this list of Windows 8 software is a nice influencer to upgrade to Windows 8.

Are you willing to Upgrade to Windows 8? If so, which software convinced you the most?

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  1. I find the file managers very interesting

    if you have windows 8 installed on your computer and use it the traditional way (with keyboard and mouse) using a file manager is totally useless

    on the other hand if you have windows 8 installed on any touchscreen device using a file manager like you mentioned above is a really good decision

    great post Anchit 🙂