SociaLink App Brings Novelty to Your Social Media Experience

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Out of every social networking app you see, there is one or the other thing common in each one of ‘em. Today we bring you some unique and innovative app concept which we believe you’d like the most.

The app is named SociaLink. This innovative app for Apple devices helps you to add your friends on leading social networks via ‘Bluetooth’.

Wait.. wait.. wait.. wait.. Bluetooth? Am I reading this right?

Yep, that’s true, it makes use of Bluetooth!

So without further ado, we’ll review this innovative app for you today!

First looks

First off, the app has a very minimalistic interface with just two buttons namely Link and Email. A minimalistic interface means that since there are just two buttons, it is very easy to operate.

SociaLink App

This works for social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

 SociaLink App

How does this stuff work?

When you tap the ‘Link’ button, your Apple device will start searching for other Apple device nearby through Bluetooth. The list of Apple devices includes iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Once the search is completed, you get an option to connect with the nearby device. Once connected, it scans all social network data on it and follows your friend on twitter, through your account of course, and makes you both friends on Facebook.

What if your friend doesn’t have the app installed?

If your friend doesn’t have this app installed, there’s an ‘Email’ button for the purpose. You can enter your friend’s Email address and they will be sent a link to download the app, so that you can connect on social networks the next time you meet.

SociaLink App

Now that we’ve learnt how this app functions, let’s move on to the review part

What I liked

  • A minimalistic interface means simple to use
  • Innovative concept that allows you to connect with your friends on leading social networks just with the touch of a button and that too via Bluetooth
  • You don’t need to take the time and pains to note down your friend’s details so that you can contact them later. Bluetooth does all the work for you
  • Add multiple people on different supported social networks at once!
  • It is a boon when you’re limited on time. Just connect with your friend’s device via Bluetooth and you are connected with them in no time
  • The search process is pretty simplified
  • The app is available for free from the app store!

To sum up

The app just works in four steps:

  • Set up your social accounts
  • Select device nearby
  • Select networks to connect
  • Connect via Bluetooth to friend them on social networks

Check out a short video straight from the Company.


The concept of connecting with your friends on leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram just via Bluetooth is very innovative.

When you have really less time, you can still connect via Bluetooth because the process is simple and doesn’t take you much time. You do not require noting down anything since Bluetooth does everything for you.

There just one negative point and that is, if your friend doesn’t have this app installed, you can do nothing but send him a mail which contains the link to download the app. When you are a bit low on time, then this might be a problem to you.

But if you can manage to spend more time with your friend, you can download the app and connect simultaneously.

We feel that this is something that you should use. Do tell us your views, reviews and experiences about this app once you use it. Please share this post with yours friends as well for sharing is caring :)!

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