Windows XP Support to End on April 8, 2014. Should You Upgrade Now?

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At the first instance, Happy Republic Day to all our readers and well wishers in India.

Did you know Windows XP was still the most used operating system in 2012? Yes. You read it right. Even after 10 years of its launch, XP has been standing firm in market share.

I personally know more then 50 people who are still using Windows XP and are not really willing to upgrade and i know many of you too are stuck on this OS.

Its time to upgrade friends. Not because i hate the OS, but, Microsoft does.

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As per the Microsoft’s website, it will stop giving support to Windows XP users on April 8, 2014. Although that is still more than a year away, this query couldn’t come at a better time.

I am very much sure there are also many users out there who want to upgrade to a newer version of Windows or say something that isn’t Windows (Mac, Linux).

If you are not fully impressed with Windows 8’s looks and feel, it would be the right time to get yourself a copy of Windows 7 as more and more retailers will be stocking their shops with Windows 8 powered laptops and computers. And later there won’t be a choice.

Well, there are many other factors to be considered while upgrading your operating system; like the age of your equipment, the processor compatibility to run the upgraded version of your preferred operating system, what utilities and soft wares do you use and which soft wares will be compatible .

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These are just a few things to look out while upgrading your computer or laptop.

However, it would be a great idea to upgrade your Windows OS from XP to Windows 7 or 8. For me, Windows 7 is still the best.

Final Words

For Windows users in India, having a dial-up broadband connection, I would recommend you stick with Windows 7 as there is no auto-redial function in Windows 8.

And if you are comfortable with the feel and usage of Windows 8 metro UI, you should definitely opt for Windows 8 as it has many security fixes and new features too.
Which Operating system are you currently on and on which version are you planning to jump on?

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  • Ken Jones

    Yup my mom’s laptop still has Windows XP and I am thinking to upgrade her laptop to Windows 8 next sunday.
    It was an interesting article to read though :)

  • Rudraksh Pathak

    I have stopped using XP long ago. No tension……Windows 7 hai na :p

    • Anchit Shethia

      I had jumped directly from Windows 98 to Windows 7 😛

    • Dhaval

      I use windows 8 😛 lol

      • Anchit Shethia

        Thats great. Are happy with its performance and Metro UI?

  • Calvin

    My experiences of windows 8 so far isn’t great, if your running XP upgrade to windows 7 and wait for windows 9 then upgrade then, Windows 7 is very good.

    • Anchit Shethia

      Windows 7 has been the best OS yet.
      I think it would be too long to wait for Windows 9.

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  • Mohsin Ali Waheed

    I am really amazed to see that Microsoft is still supporting XP. Come on guys its Windows 8 time.

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