Samsung Galaxy S5: Everything you need to know

2013 has probably been the year of the smartphones, with manufacturers like Foxconn going crazy on hiring people to meet the demands of companies like Apple, Samsung and many others.

With the new fingerprint sensor on iPhone, S-pen and Galaxy gear from Samsung, you can imagine what is to come in the following years.

Samsung Galaxy S5

From all that we know about the Galaxy S5, Samsung seems to be in a hurry to lead the way to some ultra modern devices. We will tell you a little about the Korean tech giant’s next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Build Quality:

The Galaxy S5 is said to boast of a premium metal casing and a durability that Samsung users have been missing and getting jealous of iPhone users. In fact, Samsung is apparently preparing its handset with either an aluminium chassis or a carbon fibre one. Either ways, it should probably not have a plastic casing.

[Update : 20-12-2013]

We just got news that Samsung Galaxy S5 might have scratch resistant coating made up of Diamond-like material.

Samsung is testing a new technology known as the “diamond metal surface treatment” that involves diamond like material which is coated on the metal surface of the flagship device, just like the borders of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Processor and RAM:

The power behind the device is said to have a 64-bit processor which was first introduced in Apple’s iPhone 5s. Looking at Samsung’s trail of copying iPhone’s features, though, Samsung Galaxy S5 would not feature the Finger Print censor.

Earlier leaks suggests that the Galaxy S5 would feature a 3 GB RAM, new leaks point at a larger 4 GB RAM. The entirely upgraded architecture will surely take the flagship device to new level of efficiency and speed.


The camera on Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to have a 16 megapixel primary sensor. The phone should  come with a  front facing sensor too. Earlier reports pointed at OIS technologybeing featured on the device but new leaks suggest otherwise. As Techradar suggests, the device will at least have a  new CMOS image sensor ISOCELL, giving for some rich, detailed images.


Samsung has always been known for its storage lavishness and it is unlikely to undergo any changes its memory options on its new device. We are very likely to see the new iteration in variants of 16, 32 and 64 GB of internal memory, each having the ability to expand the same externally by another 64 GB of SanDisk memory chips.

Form Factor:

Given that the way Galaxy Note 3 was designed, Samsung might give the Samsung Galaxy S5 longitudinal lines and smaller curves as well, finished with ultra thin bezels and a slim body.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 might have a rectangular, less rounded form factor and even lustrous than before. Combine it with its rumoured metal frame, the new design should give the device a premium, sophisticated feel, though wouldn’t match the iPhone’s build.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5


The smartphone’s display is expected to be even larger and rich then its predecessor, with bright colours, deep contrasts and HD images. Recent leaks convey that Samsung might go for a 2K display resolution for this flagship device. visuals on the phone is expected to be bright, rich and well detailed.

Operating System:

The device will most probably run on the latest build of the Android operating system that is Android 4.4 KitKat. Of course, it is said to pack in a bundle of Samsung’s own add-ons as well, along with its gesture and voice activated controls.

We have also heard that Samsung Galaxy S5 might come with the Tizen operating system as well but we wonder if Samsung would really ditch the popular Android OS. It would be really crazy move if they did so.


Aah! The main thing and nasty thing we have kept it last. Since it will come with a premium build and a metal casing, don’t expect the price range to anything near to your saved budget for the Galaxy S5.

It would be just around the iPhone 5S price, i.e around $650 but without the quality that Apple gives. Yes this statement could be a little biased as I personally am more affectionate towards Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

Doon-hoon Chang, Samsung’s vice president of design strategy has “confirmed” that Samsung Galaxy S5 event will be held at Barcelona and is scheduled for February 24-27. 

Edit: Samsung Galaxy S5 is currently available in various e-commerce stores likes Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal etc and the current price of Samsung Galaxy S5 is Rs. 22,000 for base model.

Your Call

What’s your take on the rumours and leaks out up till now? Do they make any influence to you in buying as soon as it is out to the public?

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