Samsung Galaxy S5: 5 Things we want from it

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is right round the corner, and the web is complete with rumors, speculations and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Let’s keep all those rumors and leaks aside and think from an ordinary Smartphone user’s perspective. What do we want from a Smartphone, or specifically, what do we want from the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Well, we’re today here with a list of the top 5 things that we want from the Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

 1. Better Built:

This is the most common complaint about a Samsung Galaxy device. We spend around $500-$600 in buying a high end Samsung Galaxy flagship Android Smartphone and what do we get? Cheaply built glossy plastic? Many major Smartphone manufacturers such as Sony, HTC etc., has already ditched plastic and have moved to alternatives such as glass and Aluminum. These alternatives might not the best choices to build a Smartphone, but they certainly do give a premium look and feel to your Smartphone.

2. Better UI:

No matter how powerful the hardware specifications are, no matter how many core processors or how many GB of RAM they stuff in, Samsung Galaxy Smartphone lags! And when you spend hell lot of money on a premium Smartphone, they should never [I repeat, never] show signs of lags or stutters. And the “TouchWiz” launcher that is default to Samsung Galaxy Smartphones mainly causes these lags and stutters. So it’d be great if Samsung could manage to fix the issue and better optimize their Touchwiz launcher on their Samsung Galaxy S5.

3. Better Battery Life:

As the display, processing and imaging technologies develop and advance on these Smartphones, they’ll need a monster battery to back up. And there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launched with lots of software enhancements and gimmicky features. Therefore, it’d be too kind and generous if they could embed a bigger [or the biggest] battery or even introduce a better battery saving technology on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

4. Faster Software Updates:

One thing where Samsung sucks badly, is on their software updates. Google regularly releases updates to Android and newer Android versions but they reach on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, even on the flagship Galaxy Smartphones, after 5-6 months. People would be great enough, if Samsung could figure out to release software updates faster this year, at least on their flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

5. Better Low Light Photography:

1. We don’t need Samsung to stuff in more MP into their camera sensors on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Instead, we need a better low light imaging technology, Optical Image Stabilization and similar goodies. If all these features could be packed in to a 13 MP camera, still then it would be really great.

Final Words:

Finally, those were a few things that we would like to see on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Do you want some other improvements or additions to come with the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Do share you views and opinions as comments below.