Proven and Unbeaten way to Protect Online Accounts from Getting Hacked

Almost everyone in this world using internet have been hacked sometime or the other. Online security has been a question to everyone in today’s life.

People have come up with thousands of services claiming they will protect your social media accounts and various other online accounts from getting hacked.

Not only that; we try to give our every bit and loads of money to protect yourself from getting hacked.

Come on people! Apple and Facebook spend more than a billion dollars per month, note my words..per month on their security. But you might have heard, even their systems get hacked.

Don’t you believe that we, being a small-scale internet user are very easily prone to hackers?

You might have even used various online services who check if your entered password is strong enough.

But guys, if a hacker attacks your through a Keylogger, i.e they can get to know about each and every keystroke you do, they can easily breach you.

And another way hackers can get into you is social engineering. One of the easy ways for them.

I have a tip for you on keeping your accounts safe.

The Billion Dollar Tip goes like this

Change all your passwords to anything that you cannot remember. For example ‘hdgh@$%die736y54j’.

No need to save this password anywhere. Just change it to any random password and forget it.

Now, start using “Forgot Password” option each time you log in and again reset something weird.


Are you getting me? Its that simple. I have been testing this since some time and I feel real safe.

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Thanks to hacker DJ Alone for his awesome tip.