Microsoft Wants to Buy Nokia & Nvidia

There’s a rumor that Microsoft maybe be interested in taking over Nokia & Nvidia.

Nokia must be happy reading this news as such a deal may actually benefit the struggling company more than Microsoft. For us end users though i don’t see any benefit as Nokia phones have lost their popularity and windows based phones are yet to catch the fancy of the consumers.

The story might be different in case of Nvidia. This will be a big gain for Microsoft although i am not sure what Nvidia can get out of this deal, if anything.

Throw in questions about the long-term viability of being a software-only vendor in a world where the likes of Google run on a model that gives an operating system away for free, and you can see where Microsoft may be seriously considering a bold new approach to doing business.

Why Nokia?

Basically because it would be really cheap to acquire right now, according to McDougall, who figures the Finnish handset maker “could be bought—lock, stock, and worldwide production network—for about $14 billion,” or “a relative song.”

Why Nvidia?

Because Microsoft needs a chip design asset to compete with Apple, which designs the ARM-based A-Series processors for its iPhones and iPads. Redmond has a long relationship with Nvidia, and has first right of refusal on a deal to buy the chipmaker, as McDougall himself reported last June.

Nvidia could be had for $14 or $15 billion, he figures, and Microsoft’s sitting on more than $66 billion so it could pull off both deals.

What do you think of the step and its results ahead? Stay tuned with us for latest Tech news.

UPDATE (03/08/2013)

Microsoft buys Nokia for 7.2 Billion. Truly an end of Nokia era 🙂