Latest Security Updates for Windows 8

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Windows 8 Security Features

Windows 8 have done a re-imagined version of the Microsoft operating system, and therefore it has huge changes–even when compared to Windows 7.

Microsoft adopted a new vision with their latest Windows version; one that was designed to work not only on desktop and laptop computers, but also on tablet PCs in a way that is much more intuitive than ever before. Windows 8 is full of changes and improvements.

It has an Integrated Antivirus

Viruses and malware are different things (a virus is like a human infection and malware is like having Malaria or fleas). So they have created an integrated antivirus and a smart screen function too.

Windows 8 includes an integrated antivirus and so you will no longer need to install a different one. The virus is called Windows Defender, and is practically the new name for Microsoft Security Essentials.

It can also be used and installed on XP and Windows 7. Windows Defender is automatically disabled if you install another antivirus.

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It has a Filter Smartscreen Anti-Malware function

Internet Explorer users should already be familiar with Windows SmartScreen, which is reinforced by an important security feature that filters a download–blocking the virus.

With Windows 8 the SmartScreen is built into the operating system itself, so no matter if you are using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or another browser, downloaded apps will still be controlled by this filter when you try to run it on your computer.

The feature is optional, but it is enabled by default so you have to switch it off it you do not want to use it.

The hidden security factors

The Windows developers have not been very candid about what they have done, because they do not want to give hackers any ideas. But they have improved some of their features and elements so that their vulnerabilities are less exposed.

They made it clear that the vulnerable aspects of previous versions are either none existent or better hidden (paraphrasing what they said).

There is a new windows file transfer function

With Windows 8, you can pause file transfers from one disk to another. If you are worried that your file transfer is acting suspiciously or has begun without your authorization, you can pause it so you can figure out what is going on.

The new reset and refresh functions fight viruses and malware

Two new features of Windows 8 are the recovery options to restore your computer to function in the event of errors or serious problems. The Reset removes all personal data, applications and settings–it is not dissimilar to a full Windows re-install.

The Refresh instead serves to reinstall Windows while maintaining all the applications, data, and custom settings. It is now also possible to reset or refresh the boot screens for in case your computer is severely infected.

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The virus/malware and piracy angle

They have a new system for Windows validation to combat piracy. This is going to bug a lot of people who resent paying money for poor quality movies that have great advertising agents.

Piracy has helped a lot of people combat poor quality movie producers, but one unexpected downside has been how many people have had viruses/malware piggyback on a movie/song file and infect their computers.

Windows 8 has made it harder to watch and make pirates. It is also almost impossible to install a pirate version of Window 8 too, thanks to some clever coding tricks by the developers.

It has a secure Boot function

If your computer uses a UEFI firmware instead of BIOS, then the Secure Boot function in Windows 8 guarantees that only people who are specially signed in and only approved software can run at boot function.

Without secure boot, a malware could install a malicious boot loader.

It will load before a Windows boot loader and start a boot-level rootkit (a “bootkit”) before your Windows version even launches. That way the rootkit can hide itself from Windows and any antivirus software by manipulating the code in the background.

Security and Privacy are a must in Computer and Internet world. What do you think about the Security measures Microsoft has taken in Windows 8?

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  • Dmitri

    I had a chance to try the new Windows 8 and you know I loved the new Internet Explorer version. Its security features are quite impressive.

    • Anchit Shethia

      Great. Thanks for sharing your experience here :)

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  • Anonymous

    I thinks security software or antivirus software or tools are the need of time. Thanks Anchit for posting such informative article. Please keep updating me with more useful article, thanks again.