Is Apple Really Loosing Its Shine? [Infographic]

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For many people and particularly those under the age of 30 or so, it feels as though the company has been around forever. Its sleek, popular products have become such a part of our daily lives that it’s startling to realize that the company has just been around since the 1970s, and only in the last 15 or so years has the company become as hugely popular as it is today.

For years Apple struggled to find its niche in the marketplace, and in the 1980s, Tech Giant’s iconic leader Steve Jobs actually resigned from the company for a time following a power struggle with another executive and the board of directors.

The return of Jobs in 1997 was the beginning of Apple’s boom time after years of struggle. Designer Jonathan Ive headed the team that designed the iMac in 1997, which re-positioned Apple as a market leader, as well as the iPod and the iPhone. The iMac was the first in a series of hugely successful products for the once-struggling company.

Another Interesting Info Graphic – Apple Nears Historic $1 Trillion Mark

Apple has built an astonishingly loyal consumer base as anyone who has ever witnessed an argument between an Apple user and users of other systems can attest. Many Apple customers refuse to use any products, and the company has also positioned itself as the brand of choice for the savvy, hip urban tech user.

The fact that its products tend to cost considerably more than their counterparts from other companies does little to dim the enthusiasm of its advocates.

If asked, most people would probably assume that Apple is still raking in enormous profits. After all, people still line up for their new product releases with the fervor of crowds waiting on concert tickets.

They still appear to be on the cutting edge of technology. The demise of Steve Jobs, however, may have done more than just left his friends and family bereaved. It seems that the loss of Apple’s visionary may also be linked to a loss of vision throughout the company.

Check out this interesting Info graphic 

apple loosing its shine



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  • Dhaval

    Indeed an awesome infograph! And yes I hope apple comes back as king again :)

    • Anchit Shethia

      I too am hoping it comes back with its full power and crashes its competitors.
      Thanks for stopping by

  • Pawan

    That is very nice graphic. Thanks for sharing.

  • Narendra Kumar

    No doubt Apple is missing great innovative thinker Steve Jobs creative ideas. Apple iWatch, Apple Tv are coming things whose even depends on steve Jobs ideas. Lets see what new comes from current Apple company operators.

    • Anchit Shethia

      Well said mate..

  • rohit

    i think iphone will grab all over the world and symbian will seen only in the history. :P

  • facts

    ya i am agree with rohit iphone will grab all over the world and symbian seen only in the history