iOS 7: What People Should Expect From It

As you may know, the iOS 7 is the next iteration in the iOS operating system. This is the OS (Operating system) that powers all of Apple’s mobile devices.

It has a new design and new features that may benefit developers, webmasters and bloggers. If you are a blogger then consider the iOS 7 features that are mentioned below. Some of you may find them more useful than others.

The iOS 7 is the biggest update since the iPhone was released

This is the claim made by the Apple senior vice president Craig Federighi. He is the one in charge of software engineering, who claims that they have brought together their design and their engineering team to create the most effective iOS to date.

He claims that by having the engineers work closely with the design team, that any expectations on both sides have been tempered by the other. This has lead to a new feeling that anything is possible, as the engineers bounced ideas off of the designers who then grew the idea further and threw it back for the engineers to grow, and so forth.

The way the iOS 7 looks is very different

The design is different, the icons are different and even the colors are different. There are also a lot of translucent effects on the OS too. This is the first way in which is it going to affect bloggers.

Some bloggers write about Apple products exclusively, and in order to maintain their credibility they have colored their blog background with the same colors as the OS. They will now have to change their colors if they wish to keep up with the new iOS 7 color palette.

The icons on the iOS 7 are different

This again will affect any blogger who installs Apple icons when blogging. They will now have to change their icons to the new design or their blog may look outdated. Some people who post about Apple a lot may have to track back and alter the images and icons that were once present on the iOS, and change them for the more modern iOS 7 icon designs.

Apps for RSS feeds are to become more reliable

This is actually part of their app update process. All apps for the iOS 7 will now update automatically. This is going to pose a massive problem for people who are on pay-as-you-go Internet, but Apple claim that it will only start updating if it comes in contact with a Wi-Fi connection.

This is also going to mean that RSS feeds are going to update automatically too. Therefore, people are going to invariably know about your new blog posts sooner if they have RSS feed apps and other news generation apps with your RSS feed in them.

Automatic updates will remove update notifications

It will also stop people having to mass-update their apps too. If any apps are tied into your blog, then your users apps will update sooner, which can only benefit you. This again is true if people use apps in order to access your pages. Their apps will be up to date, so you will not have to worry about compatibility if you start using the most up to date code, apps, etc.

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The new iOS 7 reportedly makes your phone look bigger

It takes advantage of the whole screen and so makes the phone look bigger. The people who prefer to read on a desktop screen or a tablet screen because it is bigger are going to be fooled into thinking their Smartphone screen is bigger than it is. This may make them more amenable to reading your blog post on their phone (instead of waiting until they use a tablet or desktop computer).

The iOS 7 is said to be more efficient

This is going to benefit your blog readers who will not have to wait as long for your blog to load, nor will they have to wait as long for your blog pages to render. It will also make people more willing to scroll down on a page. If this is the case then things such as blog reading are going to become more common on iPhones. This is something that will certainly benefit the bloggers.

There is less clutter on the iOS 7

Will this mean that people will use it more? Will it mean that they will not begrudge reading your blog posts on their phones or tablets? The answer is unclear, but having an operating system with less clutter is not always a good thing. It often means that menus and other functions have to be tapped, which therefore makes the OS a little more complicated to use.

However, with that said, Apple do claim that the iOS 7 is something that is more coherent and better than any previous iOS ever made, so time will tell.

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