Fuel+ Powerbank Review: Make your life Portable

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Review of: Fuel+ Powerbank
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Anchit Shethia

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On December 5, 2013
Last modified:April 14, 2014


Fuel+ Powerbank is by far the best portable charger built by Patriot Memory and we get a chance to review this amazing product. Check out our

A few weeks ago Patriot Memory sent us the Fuel+ 9000 mAh PowerBank and we were so excited to review it for our readers who are travel junkies or just do not stick at home all the time.

Fuel+ is a device which lets you charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad or any portable devices even when you are not near a charging point.

Having WhatsApp, BBM, Kik messenger, Viber and so many other social media apps in your gadget can probably drain out your battery life.

Of course you would want to boast if you have a wireless charger but even the wireless chargers require to be connected to a charging point. Looking on it in that sense, Fuel+ is technically more powerful than wireless charger as it gives you that possibility of charging your devices anytime, anywhere and with any device.

Fuel+ power bank comes between the range of 1500 mAh and 9000 mAh, and even without different colour variants and its own unique design and today we will be review the highest powered device, i.e the 9000 mAh model.

What made me go berserk about this product is that it is so light weight, that it weighted almost near to my mom’s iPhone 4, though not my personal iPhone 5. It fits super easily into my back pocket. That is truly portable.

Spec and Features:

Fuel+ Powerbank

Form Factor

1. Small Dimension which easily fits into your pocket.

2. As light as two iPhones together

3. Powered by lithium ion battery having 9000 mAh power.

4. Two charging ports of 1A and 2.5A.

5. LED lights showing battery level.

6. Glossy covering on top which easily slips in.

Check out the images below which shows the overall view of Fuel+

Fuel+ Review

The top of Fuel+ looks white and glossy in touch which I think is made for the reason that it could be easily dipped into your wallet and also increases the aesthetic appearance. And just look how easily it fits into my hand. My hand is really small to be true.

Fuel+ Powerbank

This is the input slot from where your Fuel+ will be re-charged using a USB wire.

Fuel+ Accesories

This is the USB powered charging cable of Fuel+ which is included within the box. Unfortunately no direct plug is given because of varsity in electrical standards of different countries.

Fuel+ Powerbank

There are two USB ports on other side of the Fuel+ with 1A and 2.5A capacities. Yes, you can charge two devices at a time without any hassle.

I used the 2.5A for charging my iPad as it takes more time for the iPad to charge then the iPhone or any other mobile phone.

Fuel+ PowerbankThis side of power bank consists of LED indication showing how much battery is left for within the device. It comes very handy when you are out charging using Fuel+ after a long time and need to know what amount of battery is available.

You can check the battery indication by clicking on the power button next to it.

Check out our review video of this handy little portable charger. We are sorry for the blurred part in the video as the focus wasn’t coming right.

We hope you liked the Fuel+ power bank as much as we did. Summing it up,

What we Like:

1 – Smaller then you can imagine

2 – Easily fits in the pocket

3 – Charges two devices simultaneously

4 – Travelling freely without the headache of phone’s battery being lost

5 – Affordable

6 – Does not get hot even after an hour of continuous charging.

7 – Colour of my choice is available.

What we dislike:

1 – No direct power port instead of USB for charging the Fuel+

Even though there is one dislike about Fuel+, its my personal opinion and not everyone would have the same complaint. It’s nice to see companies come up with such great products for us consumers to make our life easier.

Fuel+ costs nearly $70 with a solid 2 year warranty. Click the below image to buy this AWESOME power bank you had not regret.

We would be happy to receive your feed back on this product after you buy it. Lastly, we would like to give a shout out to Patriot Memory Inc for sending us the product, do check out what else they have to offer.

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Fuel+ Powerbank is by far the best portable charger built by Patriot Memory and we get a chance to review this amazing product. Check out our

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