Flappy Bird Game – Success and Taken Off story

Flappy Bird, a smartphone game which came and went in no time. Its graph can be seen as a very steep and pointed mountain.

Flappy Bird first launched on Apple Store on March 24, 2013 and it did not even reach top 100 iOS games since last one month or so. No one knew there existed a game which was a goldmine and would get viral overnight.

Flappy Bird

Suddenly, out of nowhere, one day we saw a game called Flappy Bird on the first position in Apple Store. The icon of Flappy bird game did not even impress its quality.

Too be true, the rise and fall of Flappy Bird app has been stunning and full of mystery.

Personally, when I downloaded the Flappy Bird game on my iPhone, I found it so difficult that I deleted the app instantly. The next day, developer Dong Nguyen decided to take it off from the App store.

I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.

Surprisingly, people started selling their iPhones installed with Flappy Bird app on eBay for a whooping $100,000 and I found devastated with this news.

The developer Dong Nguyen made approximately $50,000 a day from ads. It was downloaded 50 million times and was ranked as #1 free app on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store.

Looking at the stats, we wonder why the developer killed the app and that too while the game was reaching is top peak in its popularity?

While removing the App from App store and Play Store, Dong mentioned that it has nothing to do with legal issues.

Dong has admitted that the tremendous success this game has received is nothing more than luck. In an interview, he said, “I didn’t use any promotion methods. All accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about Flappy Bird are not mine. The popularity could be my luck.”

We suppose that all this criticism, mockery and unprecedented success became overwhelming for Dong, as he pleaded in another interview: “Press people are overrating the success of my games. It is something I never want. Please give me peace.”

After a product has become successful, and becomes the talk of the town, the artist feels tremendous pressure to live to it, face it. Cases of drug usage and overuse among celebrities are some unfortunate examples of how such instant and overnight fame play havoc inside the person’s mind.

With hardly any downloads to 50 million downloads in less than a week and then suddenly being removed is the rise and fall of this great viral game called Flappy Bird.

If I was the developer of this great app, I would never do what Dong has done and actually, giving away a goldmine, he sure has a big heart.


  1. Nice post
    the story of Flappy Bird is really amazing especially for Vietnamese. I'm a Vietnamese and i'm really proud when a person in my country can create a wonderful game like that. Unfortunately he can not afford rumors from society about his design and about tax he has to pay. however i hope he will move on and invent more and more games like this one.
    thanks for your sharing.