Business Applications for your Start-Up Company

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In 2012, an average of 514,000 bright-eyed American entrepreneurs launched new businesses every month. While the initiative of these go-getters is impressive, the stark reality is that 3 out of 4 of their firms will fail. To buck the trend, your start-up must be efficient and organized. Thankfully, there are apps for that.


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Timewerks: Mobile Billing Invoices Clients

According to 7 out of 10 accountants, lack of finances is the key reason start-up businesses fail. Ensure you’re receiving the money you’re owed with Timewerks: Mobile Billing.
This handy app tracks your hours worked and any expenses. It then uses this information to create and send professional-looking PDF invoices to your clients. Timewerks: Mobile Billing also tracks your invoices to ensure each one is paid in a timely fashion.
It’s worth noting that Timewerks: Mobile Billing supports multiple currencies and varying taxes, which is a real plus for start-ups with global aspirations. Timewerks: Mobile Billing also integrates with the separate Credit Card Terminal app for credit card payments.

Evernote: Get Organized

There are many organisational apps available, but Evernote leads the way with around 50 million global users. The quality of this “freemium” app sees approximately 100,000 new accounts created each day. Evernote helps you organize text and voice notes, images, and information you find online. It’s ideal for creating to-do lists and keeping your deadlines clear.

Evernote recently partnered with South Korea’s KakaoTalk, a service popular with 95 percent of the country’s smartphone users. This agreement will allow Koreans to save their KakaoTalk conversations to Evernote and share them with friends.

Hopefully Evernote will forge similar agreements with innovations like Blackberry BBM for Android so American entrepreneurs can easily keep track of similar client correspondence. If your business adopts a BYOD policy, Evernote is a no-brainer.

Shoebox Receipts: Organize Your Expenses

Lost and faded receipts can cost start-up businesses thousands at tax time. Forty percent of firms lose gas receipts, 32 percent can’t find their stationery receipts, and 23 percent misplace the receipts from work-related meals and beverages.

Thankfully you can avoid a frantic search next April with the Shoebox Receipts app. This clever program brings the concept of hoarding paper receipts in a shoebox, the preferred method of one in three business owners, into the digital age. You simply snap and save a picture of each receipt as you receive it.
The app then keeps your receipts organized, something real shoeboxes still haven’t mastered. The user-friendly interface helps you generate expense reports which can then be exported into popular bookkeeping programs including Excel and Quickbooks.

Splashtop Remote Desktop: Take Your Computer with You

Smartphones and tablets punch above their weight these days, but they can’t always take the place of a traditional desktop or laptop computer. That is, of course, unless you’re running Splashtop Remote Desktop.

This handy app allows you to view your office computer no matter where you are. It’s great for keeping clients updated over business lunches or making project alterations on your daily commute. You needn’t worry about leaking company secrets either, as it’s based on the same SSL and 256-bit AES encryption that protects online banking and shopping sites.

Admittedly no app can guarantee a start-up’s success, but the applications above can certainly give your business the edge.
Do you know any more awesome apps for business? Share it in the comments below.

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  • Team Momentum

    This is a great list of tools! I think there are some productivity tools missing that will make working in a team more productive.

    I think when you are starting out in your company, you tend to think that you can just organize everything on paper or by talking with your colleague.

    But in reality some kind of software application will definitely help you be more productive.

    • Anchit Shethia

      Hello! Thank you for your feedback. You can list down the apps you think that are useful to startups.
      We will update the article with more apps.