Comparing BlackBerry Z10 and iPhone 5 [Video]

iphone vs blackberry 10

After what seems like decades of patiently waiting, we are now just 216 hours away from RIM’s BlackBerry 10 release event. Here, the Canada firm is predicted to throw its ‘finished’ next-generation OS, as well as its new devices that will be powering it.

We already know that one of those gadgets will be the BlackBerry Z10, a high-end device with a 4.2-inch display, because RIM has already approved out several of them. For those thinking how it will range up against the iPhone 5, here is a evaluation video…

The short video comes off  TelekomPresse, a tech blog from Germany. And despite the video is in German language, I think it does an excellent job of displaying off the BlackBerry Z10, some of the functions in the new BB10 OS, and how they review with the iPhone 5.

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Hardware-wise, they actually look very identical, except the Z10 has a bigger 4.2-inch display, a small HDMI slot and a detachable back case and battery.

Spec-wise, the BlackBerry is said to have a 2 Giga Byte of RAM, dual-core processor,, an 8 mp photographic camera with automated display.

On the application part, I have to say that BlackBerry 10 looks amazing. From the card-view multi-tasking, to the announcements in the BlackBerry Hub, everything looks really natural. If you want to see in-depth look at BB10, BGR India has a collection of over 100 screenshots.

Everybody knows RIM’s tale. Over the last 5 years, it’s went from being the #1 smartphone-maker to being nearly bankrupt, and it’s gambling its whole organization on this new BlackBerry 10 foundation. Will it be enough to come returning it to glory? It’s too fast to tell.

Well, i already own an iPhone 5 but i am just so curious on this BlackBerry launch which i was never before.

What do you think of BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 handset?


  1. Now it has become a bit confusing here.
    I have a phone which i want to upgrade to.
    I have 3 options in front of me.
    iPhone 5 , Nokia 920 and BB z10
    Can you please guide me further so that i can make a right choice?