A Condom Can Protect You From Computer Viruses

Ding Dong! Yes it is very much true what you read above. Just as a normal condom can reduce the probability of getting pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, what if I tell you that a condom can help you protect from malicious computer viruses and trojans? 

The tittle of this article itself might have interested you so read through to know about it.

Computer viruses are just as dangerous as the biological one’s. The Condom USB is a device that acts as a stopgap between any your computer and any USB enabled device.

How does it work?

As soon as the Condom USB detects a malicious program or virus, built-in program software in the Condom USB shuts off USB access, diagnosis the problem, removes the troublesome malware or virus, then reopens the transfer bridge to your computer.

This is the hardware solution for keeping the viruses and malware at bay.

Check out these images designed by Ko Yang

Condom USB

Condom USB

Condom USB

Image Source : Yanko

By looking at these images, you might have got a rough idea on how the Condom USB works. The question can be, would this really work in real world?

Give in your thoughts in the comments below if you would want to own such stuff.


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  • Ha ha ha Seriously. I have heard about Male Condoms, Female Condoms but never Computer Condom. Well that's an amazing technology. 🙂

  • Thats interesting, computer condom!! Sounds funny but amazing technology.

  • This is hilarious anchit, as soon as i saw the title of the post couldn't stop myself reading it. Lovely Bro.

    • Thanks for visiting and reading my article Himanshu! Hope to see you around the loop.

  • Hi
    Well A very good way to get attract visitors to your blog. Funny title to grab Attention of readers 🙂 good Comparison keep going 🙂

    • Glad to know you liked the tittle. Do you think this type of product will be useful in day to day digital life?

  • Good Piece of Info….No wonder the title is fascinating too, it directly brought me to your blog….:)

  • Freaking awesome lol 😀 Interesting device 😀 Good share 🙂

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  • First time here i get to know about these type of condoms that can save our computer from viruses. I like this article and website too .feeling very glad on being here.

  • Aditya

    Interesting title, and the condom too!! What's the price of this Condom 😛

  • Hey Anchit

    Thats hilarious and quite amazing at the moment. These kind of tech gizmos are the future.
    Peace 😀 😀

  • Hey you have published this post on 26th March right ?
    How come a person can comment on this post almost a year back. Am i the only one noticed that ? ? ? ? :O

    • We have republished this article with a little updated stuff 🙂