15 Must Have Windows Software That You Are Unaware Of

Everyone knows that Windows market is way huge then any other Operating System, though not the best. There are many many Softwares and Applications which can make your computer into a super computer and makes your life very easy.

Today we will tell you about the 15 Must have software that will make your computer much much easier and better than before.

1) Eraser: Whenever we remove a computer file from our hard-disk drive, the contents of that computer file can be retrieved by using recovery software like Recuva. But sometimes we wish to remove a computer file completely which can’t be retrieved by any available means. Eraser provides the feature to completely remove any file or data from your disk drive.

2) Unlocker: Sometimes at the time of removing a computer file, an irritating error pops up that says “The file is open in another application”. You can eliminate this error by using unlocker.

3) AlwaysOnTop: This small windows application can quickly keep any of your Windows at the top while you are doing any other process.

4) DoubleKiller: Most of the times we copy information on our difficult drive. DoubleKiller lets you remove cloned information including videos, images, songs, software programs etc. It simply compares hash of two information. If hash is equal then it erases one of the file and saves our hard drive space very free.

5) TCPView: It’s a great application to look at which application on your laptop or computer is using internet. You can then execute unwanted process by heading through task manager.

6) Droplr: Droplr helps you with an easy way to upload files and data on the internet. It creates a “Drop Zone” On your computer. Just place any data file you want to publish on the web to the drop area. The file will be immediately uploaded and download url will be copied to clip board.

7) TinyGrab: TinyGrab offers a performance to publish your screenshots on the internet instantly. Just take any screenshot and TinyGrab immediately publishes it to web. your screenshots will be on the web permanently until you personally remove them.

8) Mouse Boarders: It’s an amazing utility software by Microsoft which lets you manage multiple computers with same keyboard and mouse.

9) ClipX: When we copy anything to our clipboard, the past copied items are absent and new copied data is over published at that place. ClipX maintains preciously copied history and allows you access past copied data.

10) MiniBin: MiniBin places your recycle bin to your system tray so you do not have to minimize all the windows to access recycle bin.

11) MailStore: MailStore is a awesome program which provides you to obtain your all e-mails to your hard drive and provide a offline accessibility.

12) DropIt: It’s an advance file organizing utility which instantly copies or moves data to relevant folders on their additions, date and other requirements.

13) TeraCopy: TeraCopy is a replicating application which provides copying of data files at a very fast rate. We can duplicate A large number of MB information in moments by using TeraCopy. One of my favorite.

14) Soluto: Is your computer taking lots of time and effort in start up? Then you need Soluto, it’s a Great application which eliminates unnecessary programs at start-up and provides a fast start-up time. It also has awesome graphic animations while it operates.

15) F.lux: It adapts along with heat range of your monitor screen based on your pc time. Basically this happens by determining the sunset and sun rising times of your location.

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Write your comments  below about this rarely known but must have windows softwares and utilities and which one do you think is the best.

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  • I was looking for better screenshot management software and seems TinyGrab does it well. Thank you

    • I am very glad the list fulfilled one of your needs 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by Mahesh. Visit back again and do share the article.

  • Jay

    Hi Anchit,

    Good list of useful apps. I liked the last 2 Saluto and F.lux, will use them and let you know the experience of using them.

    Thanks for sharing this list with all of us 🙂



  • I never ever check any article related to windows software, since most of the time blogger try to reinvent the wheel again and again, but your post is really useful for all windows user. These are really useful softwares.

  • do you think that in Windows 8 we need this because i think most of these are provided by Windows 8 itself…

    • Windows 8 has not been a great success i hear.
      People still want to be on Windows 7. So they can utilise them on their OS 🙂
      Keep coming back Sagar

  • thanks for the post most of them not familiar

  • Scaune birou

    I didn’t know about these software for Windows, except Soluto, which is a very good software.
    Does anybody know if there is any software to look at which application on your laptop or computer is downloading?

    Thank you

    • Well I don’t really know about any such software mostly Antiviruses can help you with that.
      What I do is, I use Internet Download Manager and whenever I access any website, an IDM download box pops up saying it wants to download some file which is anytime useless. So i cancel the download and this is how i prevent it from getting downloaded.

  • Great Writings,Big Boy,Keeping Writing Something Really Good,Inspiring And Realistic,Besides Apple,Blackberry and Android.

    I Love To Read Your Articles Only Because Of The Use Of Languages Which Motivates Me To Think And Write Like You Love To…


    • Thank you Devang for the appreciation. It always helps and motivates 🙂

  • Really I never heard any of the software’s you listed above.

  • I’m using xp and planning to move over windows 8. Your article gave me a clear idea about what to have before moving on to windows 8. Thanks for keeping this plain and simple!

    • I am so glad that helped you Karthik 🙂 Cheers.
      Do share your experience with Windows 8 here.

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  • nice tip mate thanks for the share

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  • gerald

    gud day!

    can you give me the full version of soluto?

  • Good list. But I think that Tera copy is of no use in Win 8.

    • Yep Shailendra bro. Tera Copy is built-in in Windows 8 but a boon for Windows 7 users don’t you think?

    • Teracopy is not inside Windows 8 nor 8.1
      Windows 7 8 and 8.1 have better file transfer program than older versions, but TC is still faster and more reliable than built-in programs, and TC even gets a CRC check feature that Windows builtin file transfer program does not have

  • Robbie

    I am a Senior System Engineer and have been working in IT for over 20 years and while I knew of most of these software packages there were a few I have never heard of that have proven very useful and I have passed this article on to several of my colleagues who also agree. Your article is very informational and easy to follow. Thank you for this information. Keep up the good work. I have a few ideas to add to your list. Notepad++, procview, angryip, and so many others but all in all a great article and as an IT professional I wanted to leave my praise for your article and your website of which we have favorited and will keep checking in from time to time. Thanks again!

  • Tera Copy is best according to me.

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  • Emmanuel

    The title of the post really serve it right! I have of course not heard of almost those apps! This is an interesting list and I'm going to try them as well!

    • Thanks mate. These must have software can really help us in day to day life.
      Stick around us for more 🙂

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  • I have never ever heard of these softwares. Very useful article.Thanks for Sharing. Vishal Rathod.